QWALL Company
We are focus on software products based on both actual post-quantum and classical cryptography algorithms
QWALL started in the mid of 2017
18 top-notch employees experienced in quantum communications including 2 PhDs
40+ scientific publications and 4 on post-quantum cryptography

No matter when quantum computers appear: Our mission is to reduce the time and cost of implementing cybersecurity solutions against quantum threats
Software solutions
  • PQLR SDK — full Quantum-Secured SDK
  • Qtunnel — Quantum-resistant Tunnel
  • PQStor — Quantum-safe end-to-end encryption for files and folders
Consulting Services
  • Workshops on quantum technologies and quantum threats
  • Express-audit and analytical reports about quantum- resistant cybersecurity
  • We are developing a quantum threat counter-strategy
  • Providing technical expertise for investments funds
Research As A Service
  • Merging post-quantum cryptography and QKD
  • Homomorphic encryption and machine learning on encrypted data
  • New post-quantum algorithms